About us

Beginning of our company’s trade goes back in 1985 when the company was founded. Basic area of our work was assembling and servicing of machinery technics and steel constructions in industrial factories across Germany and Western European Union.

Throughout years of work experience and large investments in training, qualification and equipment the quality of our services have reached extremely high level leading to large trust from our clients.

Very fast, we entered into process of different machine and steel construction production, all in accordance to our clients’ needs.

By the end of 2000, our company’s Statute has been changed from S.Z.R. (Sole proprietorship business) to Ltd – „GAMMA-Industrieservice GmbH“ which is a name under which it still operates up today with even better results and successes.

In 2011, a decision has been made to offer same services to the Montenegro market under the name „KW-Mont Ltd“ Budva.

By take part on projects of building different plants for waste water and following matters on Montenegro coastline, company „KW-Mont Ltd“ has position itself as constant associate to all well-established companies from this area, as on the field of assembly as well as on the field of servicing and maintenance.

In order to fulfill the content and provide the clients with high level of services, company „KW-Mont Ltd“ recognized the need of distribution of various brand products on the field of waste water treatment also.